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The Sushi Train Experience: Genki Sushi, SM Aura

I love Japanese food. Since we had to drop by SM Aura for some errands, our Japanese-food craving brought us to Genki Sushi. It has been some time since we have eaten here, so walking inside felt like the first time once again.

The Ambiance

Genki Sushi is very different from other Japanese restaurants we have visited. It has a sleek and modern aesthetic, which perfectly complements their use of technology in the ordering system.

Genki Sushi SM Aura

Genli Sushi Tablet
Customers can order through tablets, which are found on every table

Genki Sushi bullet train
Dishes are served through kusouku (bullet trains).

The process is fast and simple. You browse through the selections on the tablet and then tap for each food you would like to order. You can order four dishes at a time. After clicking on the Go! button to submit your order, you can immediately start a new set.

Genki Sushi tablet

As someone who loves trying new things, I found this approach to be both fun and convenient, as it allowed me to explore the menu at my own pace and order dishes that caught my eye.

The Food

We ordered several dishes from their menu.

To highlight our favorites:

  • The Pork Katsudon was the best I've tried so far, with its very satisfying sauce. This already means something since I am not a fan of pork katsudon.

  • I particularly enjoyed the Gumoku Chahan, which was flavorful and perfectly cooked.

  • The no-bake Rare Japanese Cheesecake is soft and creamy. Although quite different from the New York Cheesecake, it has an interesting appeal on its own. I would surely come back for this.

  • The real standout for me was the strawberry ice cream, which was absolutely divine. It was creamy and rich with real strawberry chunks. It also had the right amount of sweetness - a perfect way to end a truly delightful meal.

Our total bill was Php 1,949.82. To be fair though, we ordered a lot.

genki sushi price

Overall Experience

What sets Genki Sushi apart is the unique bullet train food delivery experience. Watching the tiny trains zipping was a delight in itself. There is always excitement watching it. Plus, it allows us to see other people's orders so we know what to order next time.

Dining at Genki Sushi
Enjoying the strawberry ice cream

The dining experience at Genki Sushi in SM Aura was one I won't soon forget. From the innovative ordering system to the cute trains and, of course, the delicious food, it was a meal that ticked all the boxes and left me feeling satisfied in every way.

What do you think about Genki Sushi? Let me know in the comments.



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