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Lessons Learned from Raising a Maltese Puppy

I was not a dog person before. Although I find dogs cute, I was actually scared of them. But then, last December, I decided to get myself a Maltese, and then my life was changed forever.

Meet Luna the Maltese

My fear of dogs

Before December 2022, I never would have considered myself a dog person. Growing up in a strict Asian household, my siblings and I were not allowed to have pets with fur. My mom was bitten by a dog when she was younger. Since then, she became afraid of dogs.

Consequentially, she always warned us that dogs bite. Unconsciously, it formed and reinforced my fear of dogs. I found them cute, but I can only admire them from a distance.

Bringing Luna home

I am not sure what, but something changed in me last year. Perhaps it was the stress of graduate school or the cute puppy videos that flooded my social media. One day, I just found myself determined to get a furry companion.

I went with J to Tiendesitas so he could help me check out puppies. I was not intending to buy one. I was only planning on looking around for options and familiarizing myself with the price range so I can think about it and save up.

While window-shopping, I felt connected to one puppy. I ended up bringing her home and naming her Luna.

Luna is named after Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter)

Taking care of a puppy is no easy task. I had to quickly learn what items were needed and how to properly train her. It required a lot of patience and understanding, two traits that I didn't know I had.

Vet visit with Luna

Unexpected Change

On New Year's Eve, I introduced Luna to the rest of the family, who were all excited to finally have a pet. Even my mom, who was once terrified of dogs, surprised me by carrying Luna in her arms and letting her sleep on her chest. We fondly played with her the whole time. I realized that it has been some time since we were that engaged with each other. It made me feel complete.

First out of town trip with Luna

This experience taught me that people could change, even in unexpected ways. It's important to be true to our desires and recognize that we still have much to discover about ourselves. By being open to change, we can become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes, that change comes in the form of a cute Maltese puppy.

Luna loves cuddling with her plushie

Luna has brought so much joy and love into my life. This Maltese puppy has taught me about responsibility, patience, and the beauty of unconditional love. I am grateful for her presence, especially when I was working on my graduate school thesis.

I can't imagine my days without her wagging tail and playful energy. Getting a puppy has truly changed my life for the better.

Luna is turning 6 months this April

Do you have a pet too? Share your story in the comments.

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